A Week of Singularities: April 17-22, 2018

An AMS Special Session + satellite events

Tuesday-Thursday, April 17-19: Lecture series by Bernard Teissier and Paolo Aluffi at the Worldwide Center of Mathematics

The Worldwide Center of Mathematics, www.centerofmath.org, is located midway between Harvard and Central Squares, at 929 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA, in Suite #102. Travel to the Center by public transportation is easy via the #1 bus, or by taking the subway (the T) to Central Square, and walking for 10 minutes. Suite #102 is located on floor 01, which is distinct from floor 1.

program for Bernard Teissier series

abstract for Paolo Aluffi series

Friday, April 20: A Day of Singularities at Northeastern University

All talks in 509-511 Lake Hall, Northeastern University

Saturday and Sunday, April 21-22: AMS Special Session on Singularities of Spaces and Maps at Northeastern University

Special Session on Singularities of Spaces and Maps

For more information, contact:

David B. Massey
office phone: 617-373-5527
office: 529 Nightingale Hall